Jane's commercial background gave her a lot of skills to transfer to life at The Rabbit Patch. Lesson 1 was learnt as a trainee manager at a major high street retailer who had a philosophy of keeping every single, last customer happy. Lesson 2 came from years spent in a heavy industrial company where she learned to think laterally, and ‘multiskill’. This meant being able to be the exporter, the buyer, the office manager – in fact do everything – simultaneously, of course! ‘The school of life’ it’s apparently called, and there’s no finer training ground for starting and growing a successful business.

Derek started out as studio manager in the printing industry, followed by a long career in education, running high level design courses at a major northern college. That was the start of another long relationship which Rabbit developed with all kinds of education clients – initially with secondary schools, colleges, universities and agencies, and then more recently primary schools as they have begun to take a more active approach to their pupil recruitment.

Along the way, a plethora of other public sector clients have joined the happy Rabbit band, including many NHS organisations, local authority and the like, balancing the scales against a number of commercial clients.

The turning point came a number of years ago when having a company website became a priority and not a luxury.

Enter The Rabbit Patch stage left, Kevin the technical whizz! Kevin had a long and illustrious career in information technology with ‘the Worlds Local Bank’ giving him a unique perspective on all kinds of new technology.

Kevin is now working away, not just producing bespoke websites, but also creating new products and services to develop the technical side of the business.

The company formed as Rabbit Design, and over time grew its range of associated products and services including launching the highly successful tourism website Visit Cleveleys.

The ‘men with the money’ recommended incorporation from a financial point of view, which then provided another opportunity. ‘Rabbit Design Ltd’ and anything similar wasn’t available at Companies House, so ‘The Rabbit Patch Ltd’ it was. And that nicely takes in the new products and services but doesn’t eliminate Rabbit Design which everyone knows so well.

Oh, and about why the company is called Rabbit. When the business started in the dim and distant past, there were a number of agencies with odd names. Jane kept Rabbits (and a guinea pig!) and that's where the name came from. So that’s us and how we got here. The next bit is called ‘the future’.....