Clever ways to make easy use of IT that help you to work smarter...
not harder.

Whether it’s programming for the web, or an application to make
your back office functions easier to manage, The Rabbit Patch can help you.

Rabbit can create bespoke programmes and code that make IT work
for you and streamline your office functions.

This might be connected to your website - for example forms that capture data and collate it into back-end databases to streamline your administration functions. Or you may have a huge amount of information to share with your web users - but each one wants to know something different so your website has to have 'dynamic' content (it doesn't mean that it runs around the screen!).

Rabbit can also help you with bespoke software full stop. Maybe it's nothing to do with a website but you need a CMS or something clever to make your office tick. Just ask!

The Rabbit Patch also develop and retail programmes. Watch this space - Haremailer is our bulk email distribution system. Easy to use and a fabulous way of keeping in touch. It's what we use to send out our emails and it will be available to clients very soon.

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